The Somerset Cricket Museum is featuring the following collections within the Museum at the present time (click on the boxes below for more details or do come and see them in the Museum).

Victorian Art – a collection of miniature Paintings – This collection of prints of well known works of art from the 18th and 19th century demonstrates how popular (and important) the game was in its early days. All the artists were well established and could have earned much more from portrait work. The Arthur Mailey drawing takes the story into the 20th century and remind us that cricket should never take itself too seriously.

One Day Matches (pre T20 and The 100 ) – The Hundred is here. It is therefore a good time to look at the history of limited over County Cricket, to call out the roll of past winners of the different competitions and see how Somerset has performed over the years.

Players Contracts (1940 & 2021) – part of a larger presentation of what life was like for the professional Somerset players at the outset of the Second World War. It is based on a contract dated 1940 (but not signed). The stark contrast between the terms and conditions in 1940 and today shows how dramatically life has changed in the intervening eight decades. That said, cricket has generally coped with these changes. Whether it can keep up with the even greater changes of the 21st century remains to be seen.

Hat trick Heroes –  a list of all those who have taken hat tricks for Somerset, showing where and when. It also includes quirkier information about some of the hat tricks. There are photographs of all the bowlers from Ted Tyler to Tom Abell. The combination of caught Trescothick, bowled Overton at Trent Bridge in 2018 could be seen as a double hat trick.