Somerset Cricket Quiz 2023 – No.11

Questions 201-220 (and Answers here)

2023-201 Which Lancashire batsman scored his highest total against Somerset at Bath in 1984?
2023-202 What other record does he hold?
2023-203 With which county was Paul Roebuck connected?
2023-204 Who has the second-biggest benefit for Somerset?
2023-205 Can you name the Somerset cricketer of the 1980’s whose father played for Yorkshire and England?
2023-206 Who was the Securicor salesman who took six for 36 for Surrey against Somerset in 1984?
2023-207 Who was the son of Illtyd who took five for 56 against Somerset at Cardiff, also in 1984?
2023-208 What was Brian Rose’s best-ever bowling return?
2023-209 What was unusual about Murray Turner’s bowling?
2023-210 Who is the player who has played his highest innings against the county that his father skippered?
2023-211 Why did Somerset fail to achieve the double against Glamorgan in the County Championship of 1912?

Give the Christian names of these relatives or namesakes who played together in a Somerset side.
2023-212 The Lees.
2023-213 The Atkinsons.
2023-214 The Palairets.
2023-215 The Palmers.
2023-216 The Roses.
2023-217 What do Mike Denness, Brian Hardie and K. G. McLeod have in common in a Somerset connection?
2023-218 For how many seasons did Somerset suspend operations during the Second World War?
2023-219 Who was the Somerset player who scored a century against England at Old Trafford in the summer of 1959?
2023-220 What was especially noteworthy about the century?