Somerset Cricket Quiz 2023 – No.2 (and Answers)

2023-21What Somerset pace bowler was in his youth an avid attender of “the Proms” in the Albert Hall?2023-A21 Fred Rumsey.
2023-22 Where was he born?2023-A22 Stepney in London.
2023-23 How many wickets did he take in his two seasons with Worcestershire?2023-A23 Eleven.
2023-24 And how many in his first season with Somerset?2023-A24 102.
2023-25 What was his memorable performance when opening the bowling against New Zealand at Lord’s in 1965?2023-A25 He took the first four wickets for seven runs in 46 balls.
2023-26 What happened to Peter Robinson’s batting in 196792023-A26 Promoted from number nine in the order to number one he responded by scoring 917 runs.
2023-27 Who top-scored for Somerset in their first-ever Gillette Cup Final against Kent in 1967?2023-A27 Peter Robinson with 48 runs.
2023-28 At which sport did M. M. Walford represent Great Britain in the Olympic Games of 1948?2023-A28 Hockey.
2023-29 When W. T. Greswell was in the Repton side of 1908 which famous cricket historian was his captain?2023-A29 Harry Altham.
2023-30 Which Somerset player while touring India in 1926-27 took part in a sixth-wicket stand of 140 in 90 minutes against Hindus at Bombay?2023-A30 G. F. Earle.
2023-31 Who was his partner?2023-A31 Maurice Tate of Sussex.
2023-32 Who led the tour?2023-A32 A. E. R. Gilligan, also of Sussex.
2023-33 For which club did slow left armer John McMahon play for in the Central Lancashire League?2023-A33 Castleton Moor.
2023-34 Who was the Somerset bowler who went to West Hartlepool in the North Yorkshire and South Durham League?2023-A34 Ken Biddulph.
2023-35 For which other county was J. G. Lomax capped?2023-A35 Lancashire.
2023-36 Somerset had another Lomax playing for them at the same time. Who was he and what was his background?2023-A36 I. R. Lomax of Eton Ramblers and Wiltshire.
2023-37 In which year was Bill Alley voted Cricketer of the Year by his fellow professionals?2023-A37 In1962.
2023-38 Who was the South African bowler that Somerset tried to sign in 1962?2023-A38 Cuan McCarthy.
2023-39 For which Minor County was he playing at the time?2023-A39 He was currently with Dorset.
2023-40 Which side was Bill Alley to be found coaching in April 1962?2023-A40 Cambridge University.