Somerset Cricket Quiz 2023 – No. 3

Questions 41-60 (and Answers here)

2023-41 What was Somerset’s initial reaction to the Gillette Cup?

2023-42 What took place at Taunton for the first time on December 8, 1961?

2023-43 For which Birmingham League side did Fred Rumsey play?

2023-44 Who was the Oxford University pace bowler registered by Somerset in 1962?

2023-45 Which Lancashire League club attempted to sign Bill Alley to succeed Garfield Sobers as their professional in 1962?

2023-46 Who was Harold Stephenson’s 1000th first-class victim in first-class cricket?

2023-47 When did Harold Stephenson retire?

2023-48 Bertie Buse’s benefit match against Lancashire in 1953 was over in a day. Can you name another cricketer whose benefit against Somerset lasted a similarly brief period?

2023-49 In 1963 a Somerset player’s benefit realised a record sum. Who was he and who was the previous record beneficiary?

2023-50 On May 27, 1964, Somerset at 215 for nine defeated Nottinghamshire 215 all out in a Gillette Cup match. Who was Man of the Match?

2023-51 Which Somerset wicket-keeper was born at Billingham?

2023-52 Which Football League side did he play with?

2023-53 What representative honours came the way of Harold Stephenson?

2023-54 For which club did he play league cricket before coming to Somerset? (He played in Durham).

2023-55 What is the highest score ever made in first-class cricket on the Glastonbury ground?

2023-56 An opening batsman of the late 60s and early 70s, he came from Killinghall in Yorkshire. Who was he?

2023-57 How old was Ian Botham when he achieved the Test double and how many matches did it take him?

2023-58 Which Somerset amateur of the 20s and 30s was known as “BOX”?

2023-59 Which cricketer born at Wellington played for Somerset although it turned out to be Wellington, New Zealand?

2023-60 Who was known as “The Colonel”?