Somerset Cricket Quiz 2023 – No. 5 (and Answers)

Questions 81-100

2023-81 Who was the early Somerset professional who had a melodrama produced on the London stage?2023-A81 G. B. Nichols.
2023-82 With what county had the writer played as an amateur?2023-A82 Gloucestershire.
2023-83 Why was he allowed to leave Gloucestershire?2023-A83 He once dropped four catches in a day and was told by W.G. Grace “You shall never play for us again!”
2023-84 In which game at Taunton did the opposition’s last man come to the wicket in a blue pin-striped suit?2023-A84 Against Sussex at Taunton in 1919 the last man, Heygate had changed because, suffering from arthritis, it was thought unlikely that he could bat. He took so long to get to the wicket that on appeal he was given out and the match ended as a tie.
2023-85 Who used to turn up for matches in the 1920s dressed in top hat and morning coat?2023-A85 P. Johnson.
2023-86 How  did he spend his Sundays?2023-A86 In bed, reading Dickens.
2023-87 At which match (post-World War Two did the Somerset pros hire a donkey and cart, borrow sombreros and pretend to be visiting South Americans?2023-A87 Against Essex at Clacton 1949. The South Americans won by an innings and fifty runs!
2023-88 Who was denied a collection at a home game after scoring 310 runs because “that’s what he’s paid to do”?2023-A88 Harold Gimblett after making 310 v. Sussex at Eastbourne in 1948. The county secretary of the time turned down the request.
2023-89 Which two Kent players conspired to give Wally Luckes his only first-class century?2023-A89 Leslie Ames and Frank Woolley. Ames found out in the 90s that Luckes had never scored a first-class century and induced Woolley to bowl.
2023-90 Which county captain, enquiring of his partner if he should appeal against the light at Weston-super-Mare, received from him the reply “I can hear you m’lord, but I can’t see you.”?2023-A90 Lord Tennyson of Hampshire.
2023-91 In which match was an angel (almost) caught fiddling?2023-A91 Les Angell was caught behind by Ken Fiddling, the Northants wicket-keeper in the match at Frome in 1950.
2023-92 Whose remedy for cramp in the legs was to rub them with whisky?2023-A92 S. M. J. Woods.
2023-93 When Jack Hobbs broke W. G. Grace’s record of centuries at Taunton in August 1925 was he compiling his 83rd, 127th or 141st?2023-A93 127th.
2023-94 How many centuries had he previously made that season?2023-A94 13.
2023-95 What Somerset batsman scored a century in that same match?2023-A95 J. C. W. MacBryan.
2023-96 Who succeeded Jack White as captain of Somerset?2023-A96 R. A. ingle.
2023-97 Which Somerset cricketer was a one-time bouncer in a Sydney dance hall?2023-A97 Bill Alley.
2023-98 What do H. Gimblett, K. Palmer, Arthur Wellard, Maurice Tremlett, Harold Stephenson and L. C. H. Palairet all have in common?2023-A98They never played for any other first-class county.
2023-99 In 1946 Somerset recorded three successive scores of 500 or over. Who were the opponents in these three matches?2023-A99 India, Middlesex and Yorkshire.
2023-100 Who did Somerset defeat in the 1967 Gillette Cup semi-final?2023-A100 Lancashire at Old Trafford.