Somerset Cricket Quiz 2023 – No. 5

Questions 81 – 100 (and Answers here)

2023-81 Who was the early Somerset professional who had a melodrama produced on the London stage?
2023-82 With what county had the writer played as an amateur?
2023-83 Why was he allowed to leave Gloucestershire?
2023-84 In which game at Taunton did the opposition’s last man come to the wicket in a blue pin-striped suit?
2023-85 Who used to turn up for matches in the 1920s dressed in top hat and morning coat?
2023-86 How  did he spend his Sundays?
2023-87 At which match (post-World War Two did the Somerset pros hire a donkey and cart, borrow sombreros and pretend to be visiting South Americans?
2023-88 Who was denied a collection at a home game after scoring 310 runs because “that’s what he’s paid to do”?
2023-89 Which two Kent players conspired to give Wally Luckes his only first-class century?
2023-90 Which county captain, enquiring of his partner if he should appeal against the light at Weston-super-Mare, received from him the reply “I can hear you m’lord, but I can’t see you.”?
2023-91 In which match was an angel (almost) caught fiddling?
2023-92 Whose remedy for cramp in the legs was to rub them with whisky?
2023-93 When Jack Hobbs broke W. G. Grace’s record of centuries at Taunton in August 1925 was he compiling his 83rd, 127th or 141st?
2023-94 How many centuries had he previously made that season?
2023-95 What Somerset batsman scored a century in that same match?
2023-96 Who succeeded Jack White as captain of Somerset?
2023-97 Which Somerset cricketer was a one-time bouncer in a Sydney dance hall?
2023-98 What do H. Gimblett, K. Palmer, Arthur Wellard, Maurice Tremlett, Harold Stephenson and L. C. H. Palairet all have in common?
2023-99 In 1946 Somerset recorded three successive scores of 500 or over. Who were the opponents in these three matches?
2023-100 Who did Somerset defeat in the 1967 Gillette Cup semi-final?