Somerset Cricket Quiz 2023 – No. 7

Questions 121-140 (and Answers here)

2023-121 Name the three players who have twice scored 2000 runs in a season entirely for Somerset.
2023-122 Four players have scored 1000 runs ten times or more. Name them.
2023-123 What have Brian Close, Bill Alley, Viv Richards, Colin McCool and Greg Chappell in common?
2023-124 Two other players have done this. Who were they?
2023-125 Harold Gimblett leads the Somerset centurions with 40 100s’ then comes Viv Richards with 47. Who comes nexf?
2023-126 How many first-class centuries did M. M. Walford make for Somerset?
2023-127 And Sunil Gavaskar?
2023-128 Who is the oldest man to have made a century for Somerset?
2023-129 Who is the oldest man to have done the double?
2023-130 Who is the oldest man to have made his debut for Somerset?
2023-131 He had previously played one first-class match for another county. When was this and what was the county?
2023-132 Which amateur (of 1910 vintage) had the longest name of any Somerset player?
2023-133 Only three players have ever achieved the double twice in Somerset matches only. Who are they?
2023-134 Who is the Yorkshire player who against Somerset recorded the only instance of a player scoring a century in each innings and taking five wickets in each innings?
2023-135 Who is the player who in four separate matches against Somerset scored a century and took ten wickets?
2023-136 Six times in Somerset matches a bowler has taken all ten wickets in an innings, twice for and four against. Name the bowlers.
2023-137 What is the best bowling analysis against Somerset by a member of a touring side?
2023-138 How many wickets did Brian Langford take in the three matches of the Bath Festival of  1953 which marked his first-class debut?
2023-139 How many Somerset bowlers have been called for throwing?
2023-140 Only one player has made more than 500 first-class appearances for Somerset. Who is he?