Somerset Cricket Quiz 2023 – No. 8 (and Answers)

Questions 141-160

2023-141 Who comes second to Brian Langford in first-class matches played for the county?2023-A141 Harold Stephenson.
2023-142 What is the lowest total that Somerset have recorded against another county?2023-A142 25 against Gloucestershire at Bristol in 1947.
2023-143 And the lowest total for which they have dismissed another county?2023-A143 Also against Gloucestershire in 1920.
2023-144 At the end of 1986 only two counties had always recorded three-figure totals against Somerset in county match. Who were they?2023-A144 Oddly enough Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.
2023-145 Who has the best Somerset bowling analysis in the Sunday League?2023-A145 Viv Richards with six for 24 against Lancashire at Old Trafford in 1983.
2023-146 From which county did reserve wicket-keeper R. J. Blitz come?2023-A146 From Essex 2nd Xl in 1985.
2023-147 How many first-class victims had he with Somerset?2023-A147 Eight, all caught.
2023-148 How much did Ian Botham’s benefit realise?2023-A148 £90,822.
2023-149 In which country and for what side has Neil Burns played overseas cricket?2023-A149 Western Province B in South Africa.
2023-150 What was Ian Botham’s soccer club as a player in the Football League?2023-A150 Scunthorpe United.
2023-151 Who is the West Ham United supporter on the Somerset staff?2023-A151 Neil Burns.
2023-152 Who follows Tottenham Hotspur?2023-A152 Graham Rose.
2023-153 And Hull Rugby League Club?2023-A153 Neil Mallender.
2023-154 Of which town is Ian Botham a freeman?2023-A154 Yeovil, where he went to school.
2023-155 The holder of the amateur batting record in the Central Lancashire League scored 132 against Somerset at Old Trafford in 1985. Who was he?2023-A155 M. R. Chadwick.
2023-156 Who was best man at Viv Richards’ wedding?2023-A156 Ian Botham.
2023-157 What book did Ian Botham pick to take with him to his desert island on the programme Desert Island Discs?2023-A157 The Immortal Victor Trumper by Jack Fingleton.
2023-158 For which county did one of Wisden’s Five Cricketers of1986 take nine for 56 against Somerset in 1981?2023-A158 John Childs (who moved to Essex) for Gloucestershire at Bristol.
2023-159 What unusual non-cricketing feat did Ian Botham perform on a May afternoon in 1982?2023-A159 He wrote off two sports cars in successive 100 m.p.h. crashes.
2023-160 Which England slow bowler had recorded, at the start of the 1987 season, both his best batting and bowling performances against Somerset?2023-A160 Nick Cook of Northants who, while with Leicestershire, scored 75 against Somerset at Taunton in 1980 and two years later on the same ground took seven for 63.
And an extra contribution from our Curator David Wood. Can you name 6 England Captains whose surname began and ended with the same letter?Flintoff, Greig, Gatting, Strauss, Stokes and Yardley, all amazingly recently, except perhaps Greig