Somerset Cricket Quiz 2023 – No 9. (And answers)

2023-161 For which first-class overseas team has Nigel Felton played?2023-A161 Western Australia.
2023-162 Who in his first match for Yorkshire had as his first victim in county cricket, Sunny Gavankar, then with Somerset?2023-A162 S. J. Dennis.
2023-163 That bowler has a famous cricketing uncle. Who is he?2023-A163 Sir Leonard Hutton.
2023-164 Which eight Somerset brothers, including a capped county player, played with the same club side in Somerset?2023-A164 The brothers Dredge with Frome Cricket Clab.
2023-165 Who was the former Durham University captain who scored 153 runs against Somerset in 1986 for Worcestershire?2023-A165 Tim Curtis of Worcestershire at Worcester.
2023-166 Who is Dougal and why would he remember the match against Somerset at Taunton in 19772023-A166 He is Nigel Cowley of Hampshire and he recorded his best score of 109*.
2023-167 On which ground did Simon Dennis record his best bowling performance for Yorkshire – five for 35 against Somerset in 1981?2023-A167 At Sheffield.
2023-168 With which Football League reserve side did Colin Dredge play?2023-A168 Bristol City Reserves.
2023-169 Richard Coombes best bowling performance for Somerset was recorded on his debut. Who were the opposition and what were his figures?2023-A169 Five for 58 against Middlesex at Weston-super-Mare in 1985.
2023-170 Which former Somerset player coached at Harringay sports centre?2023-A170 Darren Foster.
2023-171 Which of the Somerset staff lists rearing pheasants as one of his recreations?2023-A171 Trevor Gard.
2023-172 Name the England captain whose highest score has been recorded against Somerset at Bath.2023-A172 Mike Gatting with 258 in 1984. In 1987 he missed another double century on the same ground by just four runs.
2023-173 On which current Somerset player did Roy Marshall have a profound coaching influence?2023-A173 Richard Harden. Marshall is the former West Indian and Hampshire batsman.
2023-174 Trevor Gard’s best batting performance for Somerset has been against a touring side. Can you give details?2023-A174 51* against India at Taunton in 1979.
2023-175 Has Joel Garner ever scored a first-class century in England?2023-A175 Yes, he scored 104 against Gloucestershire at Bristol in 1980 when playing for West Indies.
2023-176 What size of boots did Joel Garner wear?2023-A176 He takes custom-built 16s which dwarf even those of Peter Roebuck whom legend credits with a modest 13.
2023-177 What was Trevor Gard’s job outside cricket?2023-A177 He was a turner with an aircraft engineering factory.
2023-178 And that of Joel Garner?2023-A178 He worked as a telegraph operator in the West Indies.
2023-179 Which former Somerset player has turned out for Durban Pirates in South Africa?2023-A179 Jonathan Hardy.
2023-180 What is the name of the debilitating tropical disease from which he suffered for six years?2023-A180 Bilharzia (hookworm)