Somerset Cricket Quiz – Questions 142 – 200

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142 What was Peter Wight’s highest career score?
143 Peter Wight set up a new record aggregate of 2316 runs the season of 1960. Who had previously held it?
144 How long did Peter Wight’s record last?
145 Where was Peter Wight’s birthplace?
146 What did he have in common with Bill Alley after retiral?
147 Who was the first Somerset player to score 1000 runs for the county in the year of his first-class debut?
148 Which Somerset cricketer was one of Wisden’s Five Players of the Year in 1971?
149 Who was the Somerset bowler who returned Gillette Cup figures of 12-4-15-1 against Northumberland in 1977?
150 Who were the two batsmen who put on 251 against Surrey at Weston in 1977 for the fourth wicket?
151 Who went for 74 in eight overs (taking one wicket) against Kent in the John Player League in 1970 at Weston (Devonshire Road)?
152 Which county has beaten Somerset on four occasions within a day in County championship matches?
153 What was unusual about the playing hours for county championship matches in the 1968 season?
154 What is the minimum number of championship matches scheduled in a season for Somerset since 1946?
155 And the maximum?
156 In which season did Somerset go through the championship unbeaten until the last match?
157 Name two New Zealand Test players who have played for Somerset.
158 And two Indian Test players.
159 Four Australian Test players who have done likewise.
160 One of the Somerset players: N. S. Mitchell-Innes, M. Tremlett, H. W. Stephenson, K. Palmer is not a Test cricketer. Which one?
161 Has Somerset ever staged an international match?
162 Which Minor County did Somerset lose to in the Nat. West competition of 19877
163 Who was the player who tell four runs short of making a double century in consecutive visits to Bath?
164 Who were the two Middlesex batsmen who had a stand of 424 against Somerset at Lord’s in 1948?
165 In season 1987 a player scored a century and took twelve wickets in the same match against Somerset. Who was he?
166 What is the highest individual score recorded against Somerset?
167 For which Minor County did Harold Gimblett play?
168 Which trophy was he awarded for his century against Essey at Frome in 1935?
169 From which Test did he withdraw because of a carbuncle on his neck?
170 How did he spend his war service?
171 With which public school was he associated as coach and groundsman?
172 What was unusual about the fifth Test against the West Indies at Headingley in 1980 from the Somerset point of view?
173 Who was the Somerset player who became part of the first instance of brothers hitting a century in the same innings of a Test match?
174 Which player who was later to have a Somerset connection scored three centuries in three successive Tests in Australia in 1977-78?
175 Miles Coope and Johnny Lawrence both came from the same cricketing background. What was it?
176 Who was the Warwickshire bowler who did the hat-trick against Somerset at Taunton in May 1947?
177 The Somerset side of 1947 did the double against the champions. Who were the 1947 champions?
178 What was odd about the second innings bowling of Middlesex in the Taunton match that year?
179 In this match a Middlesex amateur got a century on his debut. Name?
180 Who scored a double century for Surrey at the Oval in July 1949? Two clues: an opener and left-handed.
181 What other Surrey player got a century in their 501 for three declared?
182 What was noteworthy about A. D. E. Rippon’s 119 against Essex at Leyton, 1919?
183 How many centuries did A. E. S. Rippon make for Somerset?
184 Who was the army officer who played very occasionally for Somerset but made 42 and 63 against Larwood at Taunton in 1928?
185 Who was the wicket-keeper who continued in club cricket until he was 80 and who had 416 victims for Somerset?
186 Who was the Somerset bowler who against Derbyshire at Frome in 1951 took seven for 23?
187 Name the Boer War soldier, later an Assistant District Commissioner in Southern Nigeria, who scored 122 out of 630 against Yorkshire at Leeds in 1901?
188 Who played for Middlesex and Surrey and later became Treasurer of the M.C.C, and President of Somerset?
189 On which Kent ground did J. R. Mason score 126 against Somerset and take 10 for 180 in 1904?
190 Who was the Test bowler who played chiefly for Surrey and London County but came to Somerset for a brief spell at the end of his illustrious career?
191 Who was the Yorkshire Player who took Martin Crowe apart during a Sunday League match at Middlesbrough in 1984?
192 Who dismissed Jack Hobbs in the only match he himself played for Somerset?
193 Name the Surrey batsman, known as “The Guv’nor”) who scored 357* against Somerset at The Oval in 1899?
194 What was the Surrey total in that match?
195 On which ground did Bill Alley score his 3000th run in September 1961?
196 Name the Keynsham batsman of the 1980s whose highest score for Somerset was 99*?
197  For what other sport is Clarence Park used?
198 And Bath?
199 For what other sport has the county ground at Taunton been used?
200 Can you name the Somerset skipper who was capped by Scotland in a Boys’ International golf match?