Somerset Women (& Girls) Cricket Quiz 2022


Q1. In what year did the Somerset Girls U15’s start playing in the County Championship?

a. 2002

b. 2003

c. 2004

d. 2005

Q2. How many girls that have represented Somerset Girls age group teams have gone on to play for the England Women’s team?

a. None

b. One

c. Two

d. Three

Q3. How many players have represented Somerset Women in the modern era (since the year 2000)?

a. Less than 25

b. Between 25 and 75

c. Between 75 and 125

d. Greater than 125

Q4. Who is currently the only batter to score more than 3000 runs for Somerset Women?

a. Janet Godman

b. Frances Wilson

c. Hannah Knight (nee Lloyd)

d. Sophie Luff

Q5. What player has currently taken the most wickets for Somerset Women?

a. Jackie Hawker

b. Anya Shrubsole

c. Nicole Harvey (nee Richards)

d. Lorraine Szczepanski

Q6. What is the highest position that Somerset Women have finished in Division 1 of the County Championships?

a. First

b. Second

c. Third

d. Fourth

Q7. What is the highest score achieved by Somerset Women in a 50 over match?

a. 325-5

b. 312-2

c. 304-6

d. 275-3

Q8.   What player returned the best figures for Somerset Women of 7 wickets for 28 runs, in a County Championship match against Surrey in 2007?

a. Jackie Hawker

b. Laura Harper

c. Isabelle Westbury

d. Anya Shrubsole

Q9. What team have Somerset Women played more than any other?

a. Berkshire

b. Surrey

c. Wales

d. Devon

Q10. What current Somerset Women’s player has been selected to play for the England Women’s U19 team in the World Cup in South Africa in Feb. 2023.

a. Daisy Jeanes

b. Niamh Holland

c. Joleigh Roberts

d. Jess Hazell

Q11. What Country did Isabelle Westbury represent in the 2005 European Championships?

a. England

b. Ireland

c. Scotland

d. Netherlands

Q12. In what year did the Women’s [KIA] Super League begin?

a. 2015

b. 2016

c. 2017

d. 2018

Q13. In which two years did Western Storm win the Women’s ([KIA] Super League title?

a. 2016 & 2017

b. 2017 & 2018

c. 2016 & 2018

d. 2017 & 2019

e. 2018 & 2019

f. 2016 & 2019

Q14. How many Somerset Women’s players have World Cup winners’ medals?

a. None

b. Two

c. Four

d. Six

Q15. England Women scored their highest ever T20 International score at Taunton in 2018, but, who where they playing?

a. India

b. New Zealand

c. South Africa

d.   West Indies

Q16. Which Somerset Women’s player took 6 wickets in the 2017 Women’s ODI World Cup Final at Lords?

a. Sarah Collyer

b. Laura Harper

c. Anya Shrubsole

d. Frances Wilson

Q17. In what year did Lizelle Lee start playing for Somerset Women?

a. 2013

b. 2014

c. 2015

d. 2016

Q18. Which Country did Lizelle Lee go on to represent?

a. England

b. Australia

c. New Zealand

d.   South Africa

Q19. In 1993 England Women won the World Cup by beating New Zealand in the Final, but what team from those listed did not feature in the tournament that year?

a. Denmark

b. Ireland

c. Netherlands

d. Sri Lanka

Q20. Who scored a century (107 runs) when making her Test Match debut for England at Taunton earlier this summer?

a. Natalie Sciver

b. Alice Davidson-Richards

c. Isabelle Wong

d. Lauren Bell