The Museum and it’s Galleries

The museum is part of the Somerset County Cricket Club family, helping to make the Cooper Associates County Ground one of the most attractive and welcoming cricket grounds in England.

The ground and the museum are in the heart of Taunton, less than ten minutes walk from the main line railway station and the bus station and five minutes walk from the heart of the County Town’s main shopping centre.

Although there are no physical barriers between the Somerset County Cricket Ground and the museum buildings we are completely separate organisations.

The museum was established in 1985 as the successor to the Somerset County Cricket Club Supporter’s Association and has a large Entrance and two floors. Browse the pictures below for a closer photo tour of the individual areas.

The Lower Floor, South Wing has three main exhibits focusing on Cricket Equipment, the I Zingari collection and Ground Maintenance. The Lower Floor, North Wing focuses on the history and development of the Museum and the performances of players who have played for Somerset over the years, with many drawers of the cabinets containing further items of memorabilia.

The Upper Floor, South Wing concentrates on the evolution of Women’s Cricket, when Taunton was heralded as the ‘Home of Women’s Cricket and the history of the ‘nomadic’ Somerset Stragglers CC, whilst the Upper Floor, North Wing contains a large picture gallery and a small Library,