The Somerset Cricket Quiz – Answers 1 – 20


1 Which Somerset captain had the initials S. M. J.?
Samuel Moses Joseph Woods, 1894-1906.
2 Which Somerset skipper was known as “The Prophet”?
John Daniell 1908-12, 1919-26
3 Which two Somerset captains have been headmasters of Millfield School?
R.J. O. Meyer and C. R. M. Atkinson.
4 Which Somerset captain was a Berkshire farmer?
Ben Brocklehurst.
5 Which Somerset captain was a Somerset farmer?
J. C. White 1927-31.
6 Which Somerset captain was born on a Red Indian reservation?
D. R. W. Silk.
7 Which Somerset captain was a serving naval officer?
G. G. Tordoff.
8 Which three players shared the captaincy officially in 1948?
G. E. S. Woodhouse, J. W. Seamer, N. S. Mitchell-Innes.
9 Which Somerset captain was known as ” Bunty”?
E. F. Longrigg 1938-46.
10 Which Somerset captain did the double in his first season in county cricket?
Brian Close for Yorkshire in 1949.


11 On what ground did Harold Gimblett hit the fastest century of the first-class season of 1935 on his debut for Somerset?
Frome, against Essex.
12 On what ground did Arthur Wellard hit five sixes in one over v. Derbyshire in 1936?
Wells. Derbyshire were champions in 1936.
13 Name two grounds on which Somerset have played at Yeovil.
Westland and Johnson Park
14 And the ground at Bristol
The Imperial Ground. Also Knowle and Brislington.
15 Which distinguished Somerset John Player League bowling performance was given at Glastonbury by Graham Burgess?
Six for 25 against Glamorgan in 1972.
16 What is the name of the (old) county ground at Bath?
The Recreation Ground.
17 On which ground outside the county did Somerset first play in the John Player League?
18 Where did the inaugural meeting of Somerset County Cricket Club decide that the county ground should be?
It was decided that there should be no county ground!
19 What rivers flow past the grounds at Bath and Taunton?
The Avon and the Tone, respectively.
20 To which player is the Memorial Gates at the County Ground, Taunton, dedicated?
To J.C. White.