The Somerset Cricket Quiz – Answers 21 – 40

21 What was unusual about the County Championship matches of 1919?21 They were played over two days only.
22 And those of 1939?22 For that season only there was an experiment with eight-ball overs.
23 When did Somerset tie a game because the last opposing batsman took more than two minutes to arrive at the wicket?23 Against Sussex at Taunton in 1919, Heygarth was the Sussex batsman involved.
24 Who beat Somerset in a day in 1947?24 Derbyshire at Chesterfield.
25 Who did likewise in 1953?25 Lancashire at Bath (Bertie Buse’s benefit match).
26 Who was the last Somerset player to do the double?26 Bill Alley in 1962.
27 How many players have kept wicket for England and Somerset since the Second World War?27 One, Jim Parks who kept for England when with Sussex.
28 How many championship centuries did Bill Alley score when making his 3000 runs in 1961?28 Nine.
29 Which batsman scored three centuries against Northants between the years 1982 and 1983?29 Jeremy Lloyds.
30 What is the highest score by a Somerset player in the county championship?30 322 by Viv Richards against Warwickshire at Taunton in 1985.
31 On which ground did Somerset win the John Player League title of 1979?31 At Trent Bridge, Nottingham.
32 On which ground did Norman McVicker hit the last two balls for sixes to win the game for Leicestershire?32 At Yeovil.
33 Who was the unfortunate bowler?33 A. A. Jones.
34 A Somerset bowler holds an unsurpassable record in Sunday League cricket. Who is he?34 Brian Langford whose analysis against Essex at Yeovil in 1969 was 8-8-0-0
35 Trevor Gard had two serious injuries while keeping wicket in John Player League matches for Somerset. Who took over behind the stumps in the matches affected?35 Nigel Popplewell at Bath v. Glamorgan in 1983 and Viv Richards against Sussex at Horsham in 1986.
36 Name the fast bowler who returned a fine analysis at Bath in a J.P.L match against Lancashire in 1980 while deputising for Joel Garner.36 Hugh Gore.
37 What noteworthy performance did Bob Clapp record in the J.P.L.?37 34 wickets in a season in 1974.
38 What is the most northerly ground on which Somerset have played in the Sunday league?38 Middlesbrough, against Yorkshire.
39 What is Joel Garner’s best bowling performance Gloucestershire?39 Four for 21 at Bath in 1981.
40 And lan Botham’s best batting performance in the Sunday game?40 175* (13 sixes) against Northamptonshire at Wellingborough in a match which was abandoned in August 1986.