The Somerset Cricket Quiz – Questions 81 – 100


81 What was the combined playing span of J. C. White and Lionel Palairet?

82 Against which county did J. C. White take ten for 16 in 1921 and 16 wickets in 1919?

83 How often did J. C. White score 1000 runs in a season?

84 Jack White holds the Somerset record for catches. How many?


The following Somerset players appeared with states, provinces or districts abroad. Identify their overseas sides.

85 D.J. S. Taylor in South Africa.

86 Vic Marks in Australia.

87 Martin Crowe in New Zealand.

88 Viv Richards in the West Indies.


89 What did R. C. stand for?

90 Which public school did he attend?

91 How many appearances did he make for Oxford in the Varsity match?

92 What was his career span with Somerset?

93 What was his best bowling performance for them?

94 Who nicknamed him Robinson Crusoe?

95 He shared in only two century partnerships, each time with the same batsman. Who was the other person?


96 How long did Wellard play with Somerset?

97 Twice he hit five sixes in an over. One of the bowlers to suffer was Armstrong of Derbyshire. Who was the other?

98 What advice was he repeatedly given when he unsuccessfully asked his native county, Kent, for a trial?

99 He was selected to go on the England tour which had to be cancelled because of the outbreak of war in 1939. Where would this tour have been going?

100 Who was the Australian bowler whom he hit onto the grandstand balcony during the Lord’s Test of 1938?

PS to Q100 – below is a photo of Arthur Wellard being presented to King George from the Museum collection.