The Somerset Cricket Quiz.

By kind permission of the Publishers (Penguin Random House) who ‘have no objection to the use of material’ on the website and the family of the author of The Somerset Cricket Quiz Book, Mr. Bob Crampsey, who was an ardent supporter of Somerset Cricket Club and who died in 2008, questions (and answers) from the book will be published at intervals as both a bit of fun and the education of our visitors.

Siobhan Crampsey, Bob’s daughter, wrote “On behalf of the family, I’m happy to give you permission to use the book however you would wish. Dad would be so delighted to know it was benefitting the club in any way whatsoever. He was such an ardent supporter and never happier than when he was at a match. I used to join him in Bath/Taunton when I lived in London and Mum (still with us and approaching her 93rd birthday) also spent many happy hours supporting. Siobhan.”

We are also very grateful to Mr. Mark Gladman and Mr. Matt Kingdom, who not only have contributed to the Somerset Women Cricketer pages but also have compiled Christmas quizzes.

The questions cover Girls and Women’s Cricket at Somerset, plus a few questions on Regional Cricket in the area, and England Women’s Cricket. And are arranged in that sequence. Largely all themed around Somerset, Somerset Players, & matches at Taunton. Many of the answers can be found on this website

Somerset Women (and Girls) Quiz 2022. Answers here.

Somerset Women (and Girls) Quiz 2023 Answers here
Somerset Mens Cricketers Quiz 2022
Questions 1 – 20 (Note: Some references can be found in the Somerset Captains Pages)
Questions 21 – 40 (The County Championship and John Player League)
Questions 41 – 60 (again some references can be found in the Somerset Captains Pages)
Questions 61 – 80 (Bill Alley, More Nicknames and Varsity Matches)
Questions 81 – 100 (Jack White, R.C. Robertson-Glasgow and Arthur Wellard)
Questions 101 – 120 (Jack White, More Nicknames, For and Against)
Questions 121 – 141 (Umpires and The Year 1966)
Questions 142 – 200 (Various Categories)
Somerset Cricket Quiz – 2023
Questions 1-20 (General subjects)
Questions 21-40 (General subjects)
Questions 41-60 (General subjects)
Questions 61-80 (General subjects)
Questions 81-100 (General subjects)
Questions 101-120 (General subjects)
Questions 121-140 (General subjects)
Questions 141-160 (General subjects + 1 extra )
Questions 161-180 (General subjects)
Questions 181-200 (General subjects)
Questions 201-220 (General subjects)