Derbyshire v Somerset 3rd August 1977

On This Day 3rd August 1977 – 11,000 spectators crammed into the Ilkeston ground for this Gillette Cup quarter final between Derbyshire and @Somerset – 5 Test cricketers on either side – a game which Somerset won.

Ian Botham bowling v Derbyshire August 1977 -Picture courtesy of David Griffin

Four Test cricketers on either side. Somerset: Ian Botham, Viv Richards, Joel Garner, Brian Close; Derbyshire: Eddie Barlow, Mike Hendrick, Geoff Miller, Bob Taylor. Brian Rose (Dec 1977) & John Wright (Feb 1978) are yet to make their first Test appearance.

Borrington and Wright batting for Derbyshire and Ian Botham bowling, Viv Richards and Brian Close at slip with Joel Garner at long leg. Serious cricket!

And a comment from David Jenkins ”I was there, had the pleasure of driving the Chairman Len Creed to the match. What an innings from Rosie and a great win. Fred Swabroke a left arm dismissed Viv much to.the disappointment of the Somerset fans. Great days back then.”

and one from Mike Kerswell ”I remember it as the first time I saw Joel Garner playing for Somerset.”q

and this memory from a Derbyshire supporter ”I did my paper round first and was in the ground at 7am. Sat in front of the Somerset players in the pavilion which is where I got Viv’s autograph. Bought Closey’s benefit brochure and got Botham’s autograph at the close of play…15 years old, 45 years ago, and it feels like yesterday! ….Botham had just made his Test debut and his wife was pregnant. We queued for his autograph at the end and there must have been several hundred wanting his signature – Kathy marshalled the queue to make sure we only got one signature each!!

The Scorecard can be found here