Somerset Cricket Quiz 2023 – No. 10

Questions 181-200 (and Answers here)

2023-181 What is Mark Harman’s nickname?
2023-182 Where was he born?
2023-183 Which member of the Somerset double team of 1979 was born in Buckinghamshire?
2023-184 Who is the all-rounder who writes occasionally for the magazine The Club Cricketer and scored a career-best 124 against Somerset at Taunton in 1985?
2023-185 Which Somerset player has as his superstition “always to salute a magpie”?
2023-186 Who was the South African cricketer whose best bowling analysis is eight for 107 against Somerset at Taunton in 1981?
2023-187 For which two South African provincial sides has Adrian Jones played?
2023-188 Adrian Jones is almost inevitably Jonah to his team-mates but he has another title. What is it?
2023-189 Adrian Jones has an unusual outside job for a professional cricketer, what is it?
2023-190 Who described his father as “a dangerous village cricketer”?
2023-191 For which New Zealand side did Neil Mallender play?
2023-192 Which Somerset fast bowler had a relation playing with Glamorgan?
2023-193 Who was the Sri Lankan batsman who scored 209* against Somerset at Hove in 1984?
2023-194 Vic Marks has a cricket blue and another half-blue. For which sport did he get his half blue?
2023-195 Who is the player who recommended himself to his county and got his first century against Somerset at Weston-super-Mare in 1986?
2023-196 What is Gary Palmer’s job outside cricket?
2023-197 Which Somerset player was for a time a grave-digger?
2023-198 What unique distinction does Gary Palmer hold for Somerset?
2023-199 Of which university does Viv Richards hold an honorary doctorate?
2023-200 Who played for Somerset 2nd XI at the age of 13?