The Somerset Cricket Quiz – Questions 41 – 60


41 Identify the following amateurs from their initials (a) M. M. (b) G. R. S. (c) H. H.

42 And these (a) A. A. (b) C. C. C. (c) L. St.V

43 Name the Somerset amateur who played for the West Indies against England before the Second World War.

44 Name the four Somerset players who played for the Gentlemen against Players in 1924.

45 Who was the prominent Somerset amateur cricketer who was killed in the Second World War?

46 Who was the amateur captain who scored 1000 runs for Somerset in 1950?

47 Who was the England rugby full-back who played a trial for Somerset in the match in which A. C. McLaren made 424 for Lancashire at Taunton?

48 Who was Somerset’s first captain in first-class cricket?

49 Lionel Palairet was one of the great Somerset amateur batsman. Who was the brother who later became club president?

50 Name the amateur who scored four centuries in three matches in 1908.


Which Somerset players were known as:-

51 Crusoe?

52 Dasher?

53 Budgie?

54 The Demon of Frome?

55 The Big Bird?

56 The Farmer?

57 Sammy?

58 Dar?

59 Chico?

60 Sir Len?