The Somerset Cricket Quiz – Questions 61 – 80


61 When Bill Alley made 3019 runs in 1961 how many centuries did he make all told?

62 How many wickets did he take in that season?

63 What was his record in Australia as a professional boxer?

64 What record did he set in the match against Surrey at Taunton in June 1961?

65 How many runs did he score that year in the match at Taunton against the touring Australian side?

66 How many centuries did he hit for Somerset in that season?

67 How many other first-class players have made ten centuries in a season at the age of 42?

68 What was his lowest match aggregate in that season?

69 Alley was one of two Somerset players picked to play against the Gentlemen that year. Who was the other?

70 How many balls did Bill Alley bowl against Essex at Yeovil in 1960 without conceding a run?


Which Somerset players answer or answered to the following nicknames?

71 Mandy?

72 Babe?

73 Chimp?

74 Rupert?

75 Twitch?


76 What was unusual about the match between Somerset and Cambridge University at Taunton in 1960.

77 Name the Cambridge bat who scored a century in each


78 Name the Somerset cricketer who failed by one run to match this feat.

79 Name the other two Somerset players who made centuries in this game.

80 Name the TV commentator who had a first-innings century for Cambridge.