The Somerset Cricket Quiz – Questions 121 – 141


121 Name the two umpires on the 1987 list who played for Somerset when under 17 years of age?

122 Which umpire was educated at Taunton School but never played for Somerset?

123 Who is the umpire who played for Somerset and whose nickname is “Buckets”?

124 Which umpire has a one in four chance of standing in a match where one of his former teams is involved?

125 Which umpire attended Backwell Secondary Modern School in Nailsea?

126 Can you name the two brothers on the umpires list in 1987?

127 Did they have anything else in common

128 Which of them was born within the county?

129 In what country did Ken Palmer play his only Test match?

130 Who is the senior umpire on the panel?

131When was he first appointed?

132 How many brothers did he have and how many were Test cricketers?


133 What was unusual about the championship matches of 1966?

134 In this season Somerset first played competitive Sunday cricket. Where and against whom?

135 Who was the bowler who returned figures against Notts. at Trent Bridge 17.2-14-10-7?

136 What significance did the match against Glamorgan at Cardiff on August 13, 1966, have?

137 What record did Roy Virgin set during the season?

138 Who was the amateur who in his first season and at the age of 19 took 76 wickets but could never play regularly because he became a tea-planter in Ceylon?

139 Who was the Somerset batsman who was picked for England, never got an innings and was never selected again for a Test?

140 Which Somerset cricketer spent much of World War One as an interned prisoner of war in Holland?

141 If Arthur Wellard had played for his native county which badge would have been on his cap?