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Backwell House Cricket Club – Club History

Backwell House was once home to the Robinson family, founders of a very successful packaging company established in Bristol. As employers, the Robinsons took a keen interest in the health and wellbeing of their employees, funding well-furnished respite facilities, evening classes, and sports competitions between teams from different branches of the business. These included hockey, lawn-tennis, athletics, football and rugby, swimming, and bowling. Especially though, cricket, which was a game close to the Robinson family’s hearts.

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Wrington Cricket Club – Club History

Cricket has been played at the North Somerset Village of Wrington since the beginning of the 19th century. For years the Club Fixture Card stated the club was formed in 1817 but although there are records of games organised by The Chapel, Farmers matches and even Ladies V The Gentlemen it is more likely that the actual club was formed in 1870 and 1817 was a printing typo.

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Barrow Gurney Cricket Club – Club History

Barrow Gurney Cricket club was founded in 1874 in the North Somerset village, by a group of local people. Copies of the founding documents are displayed in our pavilion.

Initially cricket was played in a field just off the main road in Barrow Gurney village but in the 1930s the club arrived at its current ground in Hobbs Lane, leasing the land from the local landowners, the Gibbs family.

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Mark Cricket Club – Club History

Mark Cricket Club was established as a part of village life in 1885, with the annual Mark Cricket Festival believed to have been the forerunner of the now renowned Mark Harvest Home.

The original home of the Club was the field opposite the White Horse Inn.  During the 1920’s the Club moved to a field along Abbot’s Causeway and then onto Dutch Road before returning to the field opposite the White Horse Inn.

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Burnham on Sea Cricket Club – Club History

Burnham-on-Sea cricket club was established in 1861 and has played continuously since then, although this date seems to be at variance with other reports. It has been stated both as 1861 (which appears to be supported by contemporary newspaper reports) and 1857, in articles from the same source (H.G. Wheeler), the latter statement leading to a centenary celebration in 1957.

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Uphill Castle Cricket Club – Club History

The Somerset Cricket Museum is very grateful to Mr Richard Twort for the donation of the book 100 Years of Uphill Castle Cricket Club and for permission to publish extracts from the book in the following article, also to Mr Ade Gardener for the photographs.

Uphill Castle Cricket Club has been inextricably linked with the Graves-Knyfton family ever since its first tenuous steps in 1893.

It was a great social occasion when the family took up residence in the Uphill Manor a year earlier in 1892 and they celebrated their arrival by inviting the whole village including 150 children to a tea and concert at the Castle.

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Chilcompton Sports Cricket Club – Club History

Stratton on the Fosse CC was founded in the early part of the 1900s and played at Downside School until 2015. The 1913 Midsomer Norton CC Fixture list below shows fixtures between both Stratton on the Fosse and the original Chilcompton club. The Club also hosted a County match between  Somerset and Glamorgan in 1934.

The Club played friendly cricket until the late 80s when it joined the North Somerset League, and won several divisional titles in the late eighties and early nineties.

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Somerset Wanderers Ladies Cricket Club – Club History

Article contributed by Nicky Tranter.

I started teaching Physical Education in Bath September 1966, and offered cricket as an optional extra sport.

Somerset had a Ladies County Team at that time, and I went to the County Trials in 1967 taking 3 girls from the school with me. However there were very few matches and the last straw was one weekend when I travelled to Weston-super-Mare from Bath – by public transport – only to find the ground deserted: no-one told me the match had been cancelled! The County Team folded in 1968 and I decided that if I wanted to play the only way forward was to form my own team.

Audio version of Article

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Combe Down Cricket Club – Club History

Cricket has been played on Combe Down since the mid nineteenth century, various teams have played matches as Combe Down as far back as 1857, the first reported match against Box Cricket Club appeared in the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette, possibly by workers from the stone quarries of both villages. The following year 1858 a match report appeared against Chippenham. Fixtures were listed at times during the 1880’s -1890’s but no official club was formed until the summer of 1897 when as part of the rugby club a cricket section was created.

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Minehead Cricket Club – Club History

Founded in 1865, the article below has been taken from Minehead Cricket Club booklet celebrating 150 years of the Club’s existence.

Minehead Cricket Club (MCC) was formed in 1865 under the direction of a George Thrissell, host of the Plume of Feathers Hotel in the centre of Minehead. It is thought that the club first played on a ground in the Ponsford Road/Tregonwell Road area and some years later moved to the current Minehead Recreation Ground.

Pre 1914, it is believed the team travelled to away matches by horse and cart and a donkey was kept to help with ground preparations.

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Harptree Villages Cricket Club – Club History

Village cricket is part of the quintessential British summer scene.

There has been a club in the Harptrees since at least 1871. The 1897 fixture card shows that, like many villages, the club officers and captains were the elite of the village.  The president was the squire, Mr Kettlewell whose son, H W Kettlewell had turned out for Somerset in 1899: in his only match, he made seven runs and bowled 40 balls for 30 runs and no wickets,

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Queen Camel Cricket Club – Club History

Queen Camel CC – Established in 1871

A few years ago, we were able to find this article in the April 14th, 1871 edition of the Western Gazette showing the committee meeting that launched Queen Camel Cricket Club. The first match was played on Monday 10th April. We also were able to find several match reports and scorecards printed in same newspaper for games played that season against West Camel, Rimpton and South Barrow.!!

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Bridgetown Cricket Club – Club History

In 1924 a recently qualified young man with a Cricket Blue from University was employed as Land Agent to the Milton’s Estate on Exmoor.

Roy Nesfield was a cricket fanatic who had played three times for Worcestershire and although playing for The Somerset Stragglers and Somerset 2nd X1 he wanted to raise his own Cricket Team in Bridgetown. Not an easy task as he had to find a fairly level field which is not easy on Exmoor and find players drawn from mostly rural farming folk who had probably never watched a cricket match let alone played.

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Timsbury Cricket Club – Club History

The exact date of the formation of Timsbury Cricket Club remains a mystery but an insertion in the Western Gazette on July 25th 1873 talks of a match between Timsbury and Radstock and so in 2023 Timsbury will be at least 150 years old. 

It moved to its present headquarters on the Recreation Field in 1965 but prior to that had been based on the Glebe field which is now a housing estate and during its history had also played on the school field which is now the home of the third eleven and youth teams and on the beautiful grounds adjoining Pendogget House.

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Lympsham and Belvedere Cricket Club – Club History

Our club is the result of a very successful merger in 2017, which created a thriving and very successful community-based club.

There has been a cricket club at Lympsham, a village halfway between Weston and Burnham, for many years, playing its cricket on what was no more than a field with a very small run-down cricket pavilion/shed.   In 1992, with the help of a local landowner, the village created a brand new cricket pitch, together with a proper cricket pavilion and hard tennis courts, all of which was opened by HRH the Princess Royal on the May Bank Holiday with Somerset CCC (Trescothick, Caddick and all) coming to play the first match (and losing, of course!).  

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Cleeve Cricket Club – Club History

1998 was very important year In the life of Cleeve Cricket Club, The Club committee have been very busy organising events for their 50th year celebrations. Since the Club reformed in 1948 it had progressed steadily over the years, on and off the field. Every year brought new challenges and additionally now the Club was to play in the Senior Division of the Bristol & District Cricket League for the first time in their history.

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Fry’s Cricket Club – Club History

Fry’s CC may be one of Bristol’s oldest cricket clubs but it is not old by cricketing standards, only having been founded in 1872 as part of the Fry’s Sports and Social Club, as the Cricket section for employees working for the company.

The club was formed under the shade of a Hawthorn Bush in Pembroke Road, Clifton and was called Caracas Cricket Club, something the current team acknowledge on the badge of current Fry’s CC cricket shirts. Caracas was the name of the new cocoa JS Fry was making at the time.

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Kilmington & Stourton Cricket Club – Club History

Cricket has been played at The Park, Stourhead from at least the 1880s. There was an active team in Stourton in the 1920s and a successful team in the 1930s (we have several scorebooks from this time) and photos from the 1880s and 1920s.  We have no information about what happened in the 1940s and assume that the club may have folded for a few years at this time.

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Bath Wanderers Women’s Cricket Club – Club History

Jan Godman took over from Nicky Tranter (Boss) as Honorary Secretary of Somerset Wanderers Ladies Cricket Club (SWLLCC) in 1998. She was handed a 30 year legacy, which seemed to be a very daunting prospect as SWLCC, was a team renowned nationally.

As with most Women’s cricket teams then, the team ran on a shoe string, fundraising and applying for grants where possible. They played at various grounds including a few in Wiltshire. They were then given use of the Corsham Barracks pitch as a more permanent pitch to play their home games on.

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Huish and Langport Cricket Club – Club History

There has been a cricket club in Langport since at least 1838, although it has had a chequered history. At some periods it was joined with Somerton, as the Langport & Somerton Cricket Club; at others with Curry Rivel, as the Curry Rivel & Langport Cricket Club, and since 1946 it has been known as the Huish & Langport Cricket Club. (Reference Langport Heritage).

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Kidmore End Cricket Club – Club History

The home of the Palairet Family – an appreciation written by Michael Hill (Somerset County Cricket Club) – July 1994.

The village of Kidmore End, a few miles north of Reading may seem an unlikely place to have a close connection with Somerset County Cricket Club. However the first captain of its cricket club, founded in 1863, was one Henry Hamilton Palairet, a talented all round sportsman, five times archery captain of All England and useful cricketer

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Wembdon Cricket Club – Club History

Founded in 1920, Wemdon Cricket Club is based at The Green, in the heart of Wembdon village, 1 mile west of Bridgwater. The club boasts 5 Saturday XI’s, a Sunday XI, Ladies cricket section and a thriving junior section. There is a pathway in place for all ages through to Under 19’s and in to adult cricket.

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